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Vegan Banana Bread

  I’m squeaking in before our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to share this gem of a banana bread recipe with you all. I figured it would make the perfect addition to your weekend breakfast table! We’ve been making this banana bread for weeks and weeks (you may have seen this recipe added to the app last […]

Healthy Recipes


This post is made in partnership with Pure Leaf Iced Tea.  I love how certain rituals of summer tickle the nostalgia bone, calling on the memories of our past to mark the passing of the month, the season, the year. Blackberry picking is among my favorite of these seasonal rituals, and every year I am reminded of the […]

Healthy Recipes


Dessert, Chocolate Hugh Forte · September 28, 2016 These are not necessarily the direction I see this site going but there is a time and place for everything and sometimes that’s an excellent brownie. I was paging through cookbooks for inspiration and Hugh couldn’t get past these in the Food52 Baking Cookbook. I have a […]

Healthy Recipes

Syrian Yogurt Soup + More Than Food

Today we are sharing the story of Suad and her family. As well as her recipe for this yogurt and rice soup. Suad is one of the 2,7 million Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey and this post is about bringing attention to their plight. I shared this story on instagram but wanted to take the opportunity to do it […]

Healthy Recipes

Sourdough Salad Pizza

Along with ice cream, chocolate, and burgers, pizza was definitely on my hit list when I started eating healthier. But like every single one of those foods, I have come up with a way of making them not only not bad for me, but actually good for me. If you live in the “pizza is […]

Diet Recipes

Asian-Style Plum Sauce recipe – 26 calories

Posted on February 28, 2015 by On a Diet in Asian recipes, Fruit recipes, Sauce recipes Chilli, ginger and pepper promote digestion, invigorate blood circulation and strengthen our immune system. And of course, they provide a little spice! This sauce goes well with low-fat stir-fries or grilled meat. Asian-Style Plum Sauce recipe Ingredients:1 kg […]