Quinoa Recipes

Spicy Watermelon Margaritas

I have three really great reasons why you should make watermelon margaritas this weekend: 1. It’s summertime on a Saturday! 2. These are so easy and require no additional sweetener aside from the watermelon so they’re borderline healthy(?) and 3. You made the Spicy Tomato and Watermelon salad on Thursday and now you have leftover […]

Quinoa Recipes

No Mayo Coleslaw

Upgrade your goopy mayo slaw for this light, refreshing, and healthy no mayo coleslaw!  It is the perfect side for your Labor Day grill out. It is also fabulous on tacos, sandwiches, and wraps!  Coleslaw without Mayo does not have to mean sacrifice! Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Nut-Free. It is no secret that I love […]

Quinoa Recipes

Easy Blueberry Mousse

This Blueberry Mousse can morph into the sweet summer dessert of your dreams, no matter which flavors you prefer. Think of this Blueberry Mousse recipe as a blank canvas for your creativity. If you have peaches, plums, apricots, or other jewels from summer’s bounty (or the farmer’s market) hanging out in your kitchen, they’ll all […]

Weight Loss Recipes

Chickpea Salad with Feta and Dill

This chickpea salad is delicious and so simple to prepare. It’s filled with lots of fiber and protein to keep you full straight to dinner time. If there’s one word I’d use to describe this chickpea salad it’s fresh….or maybe refreshing. It’s filled with lots of vegetables, fresh dill, and dressed with a simple lemon […]