Red Quinoa Oatmeal | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Give your morning oatmeal a makeover with this simple Red Quinoa Oatmeal recipe; it’s sweet, satisfying and delicious! GET THE FULL RECIPE HERE: …

48 thoughts on “Red Quinoa Oatmeal | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. i love love this recipe i make the whole portion and save half for supper cold with a bit of yogurt and fruit. I've never used coconut oil before but i put it in my porridge every time it makes it super delicious and it so good for you too. Thanks for all the help sweet love your channel xxxx

  2. Might do oatmeal tomorrow morning- yum! I like to do rolled oats & add chia seeds during cooking, then top with banana & honey or maple syrup & some almond milk. I've also used coconut water for the cooking liquid instead of water and find it needs little to no sweetener that way. Chopped dates and pecans are a good topping combo too.

  3. This video came at the perfect time! I was just thinking about how to incorporate quinoa into my breakfast. I can't wait to try this out tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing!!

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