3 Incredible Summer Salad Recipes

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26 thoughts on “3 Incredible Summer Salad Recipes

  1. In the description the dressing is so less for the slaw yet if you watch the video the amount is far more. I noticed this when I made this today and my salad was so dry. Why can’t you give the right measurements? Olive oil used was probably 8 tablespoons!

  2. I have no doubt that it tastes just as good as it looks! So good that I had to share it on fb! I'm definately trying some of them. Thank you, I'm sure everybody will love me for it too!

  3. You're a total life saver! I really don't know what to eat each day and after I saw some videos by you I don't know which recipe I should try first…THANK YOU for your work on all these recipes and videos <3

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