Stuffed Peppers 3 Delicious Ways

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22 thoughts on “Stuffed Peppers 3 Delicious Ways

  1. I discovered your channel last week and wondered why I've never seen it before! OMG, your recipes are so easy to make but well made! I tried a couple of dishes so far and they are all good !!! Yum yum yum.
    I really like how easy to switch/ replace the ingredients in your recipe since I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have to keep my sugar level under control. I found quinoa dishes so good ! Thank you Domestic Geek !

  2. can i just scream loud YOUR SO TALENTED …since ive been watchin you …its helped a lot mum is such the best cook ever so ive always panicked …what cant my mum do thats the question …she can bake …cook n create me im okay but no way near my mums level as always thought i can never be my mum …but since watchin you its calmed me n ive created loads of your recipes n just wanted to say THANKS …i dont usually waffle in the comments but i just needed to tell you …your calming and charming and kill these recipes by far my favourite cookin channel …💜 and you also without you probaly meaning too but every cooks different n thats the point …ill never be as good as my mum but i can be as good as i teach myself ..with your help of courseee …😁

  3. I wanted to try the trick you used with boiling peppers to save time in the oven. But I must say it turned out horribly. When they roast in the oven for an hour they give all the juices, but when I boiled them, it is just blah, didn't like it at all. But I liked the ideas for stuffing.

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