Quinoa Cranberry Salad – Transform Your Kitchen This colorful, protein-rich quinoa cranberry salad is a delicious and nutritious side dish or a post-workout meal! It’s a great recipe that everyone …

10 thoughts on “Quinoa Cranberry Salad – Transform Your Kitchen

  1. Hello Dr. Axe, I have been following you for a bit now and have learned a lot and you have also confirmed a lot of what I already knew. Thank you. My question today is do you soak your quinoa over night before cooking it?

  2. So I looked up allergies to Quinoa. Most people don't have an allergy to the Quinoa but to the natural Saponins that are on the Quinoa. The Saponin is the milky stuff that comes off the Quinoa when you put it in water. The trader Joes stuff was really milky when I put it in water. The way to get this off is to run the quinoa and rinse it under hot water. Look this up on the internet -interesting. Plus buy Costco cleaner and lower saponin content from my experience.

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