Oat & Quinoa Waffles (vegan) ☆ グルテンフリーワッフルの作り方

I was going to upload vegan meringue cake and macaroons but I’ve been having a difficult time creating those recipes right now. lol until then, enjoy this waffles …

49 thoughts on “Oat & Quinoa Waffles (vegan) ☆ グルテンフリーワッフルの作り方

  1. These waffles look amazing. But can you use almond milk or another non-dairy milk for the whipped cream? I'm just not fond of coconut milk like that. But the coconut milk is obviously thicker than almond milk. Could you boil the almond milk down to condense it a bit and make is thicker? Is that a thing? Also do you think these would cook right in a belgian waffle maker? That's the only waffle iron I have.

  2. 3秒くらいベーキングパウダーをなぜかベビーパウダーと勘違いしていて、なんてものを入れるんだ!と思ってしまったのですが、そんなことはなかった()

  3. Your channel is a life saver!! All these dishes are show stoppers, and on top of it, vegan!! I tried this. It worked, and it was delicious. Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu for sharing!

  4. A very delicious recipe! Though I added some blueberries to the pancake mix.
    Is there a way to make the whipped topping without a charged cream dispenser? Unfortunately I couldn't include the topping into my meal.

  5. Thank you! Praise God for talents like yours! I really appreciate you sharing with us all so we will have more options on what we can eat and being proactive on cooking our own food!😄

  6. りょうやさんの動画大好きで毎日見てます!窒素クリームチャージャーが欲しくて探してるのですがりょうやさんはどこで買いましたか??😞

  7. I bought two of these cream charger dispenser ( they were on sale!)but It never occurred to me to use coconut as a substitute for heavy cream! Will give it a try, the recipe and coconut cream….thanks! looks gorgeous…that goes for you and the waffle!

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