Quinoa pasta MAC ‘N CHEESE #46/Cooking with Kyler

Next time you make a homemade Mac ‘N cheese, try looking for a quinoa pasta and make it with a delicious homemade cheese sauce! 8 oz. pasta (we’re using …

11 thoughts on “Quinoa pasta MAC ‘N CHEESE #46/Cooking with Kyler

  1. I Love this video! I have always exposed both my kids (who are 10 years apart) to all kinds of foods. My daughter (23 now) eats Everything, always has. My son (13) is the most picky eater I have ever met, despite having loved most foods as a toddler, trying to get him to cook with me, & watching Master Chef (adult & Junior, even though he always says their food looks amazing)…Hoping his palate will come back around. Do you have any suggestions? His friends actually like to cook with me & we even tried a blind taste test the other night. His friend loved everything I prepared, my son hated everything including cheese stuffed manicotti, olives, homemade tortilla chips with salsa & penne with artichoke & cheese sauce. He basically lives on pb&j, grilled cheese, yogurt, water, milk, chicken & fig newtons.

  2. That's not "Mac 'n Cheese". That's "Shells 'n Cheese". 🙂

    Some day people will realize that it's about the same procedure as they do with a boxed meal – cook the pasta, make the sauce. You just don't use "powder mixture", but flour, fat and real cheese instead.

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