OA Quinoa Obesity Statistics, Eating Healthy, Obesity Documentary, Quinoa Recipes

Do you know what’s behind the food you are eating? Have you ever wondered why the average American has increased of 24 lbs in the past 50 years?

14 thoughts on “OA Quinoa Obesity Statistics, Eating Healthy, Obesity Documentary, Quinoa Recipes

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  2. I'm vegetarian, and also have been eating clean for a while. The side bonus is I lost 20 lbs without trying. Trust me, I loved junk food, particularly sweets, as much as the next person. I still love a piece of chocolate (dark is best)every now and then. But once you make the changes, your body's memory will adjust and you'll find yourself starting to crave an apple, or quinoa salad instead of a bag of chips. Science says it takes 3 weeks to change an eating habit. Good luck hun! Cheers! 🙂

  3. Seriously I really want to change my eating habits plus I want to become vegetarian and be healthy and make a big change in my life live longer. Junk food is so delicious but only at the moment after you regret it so much and feel lazy and gain weight like crazy ewww to junk food this new year 2013 I'm gonna make a change in my life. I don't want my body to be full of fat.

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