Thai Quinoa Recipe …Thai rice, but with quinoa!

What’s tastier than a Thai rice recipe? Thai quinoa! Since quinoa provides a complete protein, you’ll get more bang for your buck substituting quinoa in this simple, yet delicious, Thai style…

26 thoughts on “Thai Quinoa Recipe …Thai rice, but with quinoa!

  1. Make sure the Roma Tomatoes are Organic, also that English Cucumber, should be organic… as I have tasted GMO english cucumbers & I can tell by the way they feel
    & give me a headache and a dizzy spell (GMO's do that to my overly sensitive system)…

  2. I haven't tried any of your recipes but I love watching you cook. oh by the way I am just to lazy to cook anything show me how to make a mean pb and jelly sandwich and I would be in heaven.

  3. Hi Chef, can you tell me please, if that Chili-Garlic Sauce is too spicy or hot?…. if so, can I substitute with other seasoning?… or just skip that?
    Thanks for the recipe… look delicious.

  4. WASH THE QUINOA! Quinoa is coated with saponins,which produce a reaction in some people. The side effect is usually gastrointestinal pain and discomfort.

  5. Thank you so much for making something vegetarian Chef Buck…we just bought a big bag of quinoa and haven't made our usual southwestern quinoa tabouli yet so this is a great new recipe to make…

  6. I absolutely love this recipe. Going to see if I can get the ingredients I need next grocery store run. Been trying to do more plant based and kinda got in a rut. Looking forward to this. And I'm with you….English cucumbers are the best! Sometimes I do the little Persian ones if they have a better price. But I hate the seeds in regular cucumbers.

  7. i heard that olivia munn got upset you mentioned natalie portman in this vid instead of her, as she's a bigger fan of your videos.  way to go breaking hearts Buck. 

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