Quinoa Breakfast – Video recipe

This is an easy to prepare breakfast recipe that is not only full of flavour but is also healthy and a great start to the day. FACEBOOK …

48 thoughts on “Quinoa Breakfast – Video recipe

  1. Hi Todd. I've lost 69lbs, but I've been getting burned out on protein bars for breakfast. I'm not too keen on non-fat because it has calories (haha I know. I'm pretty gung-ho about weight loss), so would water be suitable for this recipe?

  2. I tried this recipe with coconut milk. AWESOME!! My 6 year old granddaughter loves it!  I have always used it in savory dishes, never thought about it for a fruity breakfast. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes, tips, and tricks. You are awesome as my granddaughter would say!  

  3. Hello. Do you think you can do something with pineapple and mango or something along those lines. I want to make something like that for an upcoming event so if you can do that it would be great. Thank you!😋

  4. A versatile recipe. I like it that it can be made vegan. Also, it can be tweaked a little bit: you can subtract the banana to make it less caloric. Or use blueberries… Thanks!

  5. i love quinoa for breakfast. My favorite way to have it is with cinnamon and blueberries  and maybe some almonds. I'll try it with raspberries next time 🙂

  6. Looks yummy! One day when i have a week off alone at home without parents i'll try some of these recipes. (What is Quinoa? never heard of it or seen it. looks like horseradish, sorry for my ignorance.)

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