Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

REMEMBER, these salad dressings i made are more then one serving, so you wouldn’t eat it all at once. So the amount of olive oil and salt in the first one isn’t …

25 thoughts on “Get Healthy With Me | Lunch Salads!

  1. What if you’re allergic to olives mushrooms and olive Oil then what else do you use for a healthy alternativeI am overweight and I’m trying to get healthy and I really want to get a healthy lifestyle I’ve been watching your videos and you inspire me but my problem is I’m allergic to those ingredients sometimes you use

  2. I NEED to eat healthier soso bad for soso many reasons!!!! how do I stick w it I always buy all these healthy foods and save these incredible healthy good looking recipes and I either don’t like them or I start to do them or don’t even start and just trail off and go back to my bad ways! how do I stick w it 😞

  3. Lovely video, and the first salad is delicious. However, when you say "Hard boiled eggs are full of good fats to keep your heart healthy"…Well, eggs are very rich in cholesterol, and although we can benefit from their high quality protein content and some good vitamins and minerals, the saturated fats in there are not the best option for improving cardiovascular health.

  4. I've never really like dressings for regular salads, I usually just mix some lemon juice and garlic salt for my "dressing" but I am gonna try the French dressing because I have heard good things about it

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