Quinoa Recipe – Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Mediterranean quinoa salad is easy to make, tastes great, and is a healthy choice for a better diet. This quinoa recipe makes a perfect entree or side dish, either …

35 thoughts on “Quinoa Recipe – Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

  1. I NEVER write comments on these recipe thingys. But I just wanted to let you know that I followed your recipe and this is the BEST quinoa salad I have ever had. No joke. Thanks.

  2. Made just now it was great.thanks for the tip regarding garlic,as i always felt it required an additional taste.
    I didnt have spinach so I substituted it with peas…
    No fetta cheese either…but loved it.

  3. Chef Buck… youz killin me with 'da hole in 'da donut being air… "cuz you need air to breathe!"

    I love your videos for simple comic effect… but I think I'm gonna actually try some of these quinoa dishes. Trying to get healthier too.


  4. I'm starting to eat a bit healthier and just found your channel while looking for some tips. These recipes look great and I'm definitely gonna be trying them out, thank you so much for them!

  5. That is really something I noticed when I lived in the States: in the same supermarket, the same product might be stocked in different areas of the store. Like caged hen eggs would be in one place, and then the free range eggs would be 4 aisles down. That doesn't really happen here. Eggs is eggs (also, quinoa is quinoa).

  6. I make a greek quinoa salad with red onion (raw) , tomatoes, cucumbers, feta , olives, lemon juice and oregano. Sometimes I add raw baby spinach or wilted kale. Delish! I also tried your other quinoa recipies <3. Thanks guys!

  7. hey Buck, long time no boom. Food looked good, anything that tastes good hot or cold has my attention. hey, donuts are healthy for you because of the nuts. boom.:) Health and good luck to us all this year.

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