Quinoa Pinto Bean Veggie Burger

EdwardandSons: How to cook Quinoa: 1 Edward & Sons Natural Bouillon Cubes 1 teaspoon garlic Herb (salt free) 1 teaspoon garlic …

38 thoughts on “Quinoa Pinto Bean Veggie Burger

  1. A word of caution to those living in California:
    Be very discrete when wearing rubber gloves. All your swishy, snowflake neighbors
    will get the impression you're a proctologist and harass you until you agree to giving
    them a free exam. Sad but true. So pull down the shades when you cook with gloves on.

  2. What surprised me is you seem to be healthy and conscious of what you eat, like not eating store bought bread but yet you include store bought BBQ sauce, & Bullion cubes into your recipes. There are so much of bad stuff these products that you use in your recipes that prevents me from trying your recipes. I don't use anything in my recipes that has preservatives or GMO. Maybe something to consider. Thank you though!

  3. yummmmm i need to make this tomorrow. i love when you taste the food like mmm mmm mmmm hahahahaha makes me laugh i love it. i made your quinoa pilau today and eating is as i was watching this vid ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have been watching you videos, I am so IMPRESSED. I have beenย wanting to change my eating, I think you will be my life saver. I love food. Can I prepare ahead for meal planning, and how long will it keep.ย  Thank you and God Bless.

  5. maltodextrin is in the boullion and is very high on glycemic index, higher than suger. can inhibit gut bacteria growth. can spike blood sugar, highly processed. I would stay away from anything with this perserative in it.

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