How to Make Chicken Quinoa Burgers for Fat Loss or Hardgainer / Hamburguesa de Pollo y Quinua

(traduccion abajo) Here’s a healthy burger recipe to jumpstart your summer or seasonal grilling. I enjoy incorporating quinoa into recipes because it is an easy …

27 thoughts on “How to Make Chicken Quinoa Burgers for Fat Loss or Hardgainer / Hamburguesa de Pollo y Quinua

  1. lol wth men how can you eat that big burger at 4:31? even a giraffe could not. but looks delicious. i have to say that your channel is almost addictive. you look a video then you look another one …

  2. Hello Mr. Kevin
    I recently started watching your channel and I'm so much happier that I found it. I'm a hard gainer who moved from Poland to UK.
    I'd always struggled with breakfasts in my life but as I'm writing this I'm eating your protein muffin and I think I don't have too anymore 🙂 because of you I tried quinoa and sweat potatoes first time in my life yesterday with the burger recipe and I just felt in love with it. You are truly an inspiration my dear friend. Now I'm looking at my future of gaining weight with brighter light. I'm looking forward to see the results of my body transformation. So thank You very very much, you've just made yourself a true friend. If u ever would need something : help, Polish translation, anything…I'll be honoured to do it. I wish You inner happiness and peace in you life. I won't wish You enlightenment because your selfishness devotion to help others will show u the unconditional love state sooner then You think 🙂 Amithaba

  3. I just came across your videos, and i absolutely LOVE what im seeing!!! So inspired to try your recipes!! Just starting on the road to better health and body, and between all yoyr recipes and meal prep videos this is gonna be fun!! Btw, love the fact that the food is clean and healthy, but the flavors are exciting! Thank you for doing what you do 😄

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