How to Cook Fluffy Quinoa – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Jospeh

Quinoa is often called the “super grain” because it contains more protein than any other grain. With all of its many health benefits, you’ll want to learn how to …

40 thoughts on “How to Cook Fluffy Quinoa – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Jospeh

  1. As apposed to putting quinoa in oatmeal? I always thought of putting like a 1/12 of my oatmeal as quinoa, and to let things like agave, banana, and berries absorb. What do you think of that?

  2. Off topic, but I used to buy a big 1 lb. box of quinoa at Trader Joes for $1.99 back when nobody knew what was. Then all the hype happened and they now raised the price to $3.99 for that same item. BAH!

  3. Great tips! I made the mistake of using two cups water to one cup quinoa – and i didn't toast it after i ended up with mush quinoa. I stir-fried it (Chinese-style) anyways cos i didn't wanna waste it and it taste pretty good. If mushy quinoa cooked Chinese-style stir-fried tastes pretty good, i'm sure the proper fluffy cooked ones will taste even better. Can't wait to try it out again.

  4. Hi Sir. Love your segment (and segments of other 2 ladies as well, just really like this program and have enjoyed Martha Stewart's programs/books for many years). I've a question. Can you please tell me why when I add fresh squeezed lemon juice to a cake batter to make lemon cake, the lemon juice causes the cake to not rise. I can add lemon zest and lemon oil and the cake rises but as soon as I add fresh squeezed lemon juice I have a problem. Thank you for any tips.

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