HEALTHY VEGAN LUNCH! Quinoa Ceviche Tostadas ft. Chef Marcela Quinoa Ceviche …

24 thoughts on “HEALTHY VEGAN LUNCH! Quinoa Ceviche Tostadas ft. Chef Marcela

  1. I love Chef Marcela she's so down to earth and an amazing chef! I love this collaboration bc rawvana is vegan, and I'm transitioning to a more vegetarian lifestyle. I'm a fan of both of you bc you're both great role models, and represent Latinos! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ everything looks yummy! I'm going to make this recipe for the hubs.

  2. Hey Rawvana! Love your videos and very inspiring. I just adapted to the vegan lifestyle, but I'm worried about my nutrients. What do you think about taking extra vitamin supplements? Can you make a video to educate us what you think about this and what you do? Thank you!

  3. I loved it! looks so delicious and at the same time so simple to do it. You always inspiring us @rawana! thanks for give us tons of positive energy in your videos!

  4. As I was making lunch I realized I had all the ingredients for this "ceviche" and I made it !!! But I wouldn't call this a ceviche it's a quinoa salad with Mexican flavors. Still a pretty good dish

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