Delicious Healthy Recipes!

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48 thoughts on “Delicious Healthy Recipes!

  1. Typical redneck, suburban ignorant white trash Amerikkkan family who like to insult foods from other nationalities. keep it up Bob n Louise n plz don't travel abroad.

  2. I almost cut my finger too but I was at a field trip for my school. We had like this arts and crafts program and I grabbed scissors to cut something and it slipped off and cut a line through my finger and they had to give me an ice pack. 😛

  3. Hello shay👋🏼can you be my FATH?? (dad). I am watching this helpful video 4 years later because I want to learn to cook better and I'm moving out soon and all. I'm about to eat real healthy for cheap! I seriously love you guys❤️

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