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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas: Tips For Planning Your Easter Egg Hunt

Who else is ready to hop into Spring?

As much as I love fall, I would have to say that Spring is my favorite time of year. There is something about all the flowers blooming and warmer temperatures that makes my heart sing.

And of course, I always love planning Easter!

At the top of my favorite things to plan is our Easter Egg Hunt.

All three my kids love hunting games.

Since our boys were tiny, one way that we would entertain them on rainy days is to play “Hide the Stuffed Animals,” where hubby and I hide their animals in crazy places and they have to find them.

(Tip: If you decide to play this game with your little ones don’t use the oven as a hiding place. They might not find it and you might forget you hit it there and the next time you go to preheat the oven you might find yourself exceptionally glad that you had the foresight to stock a fire extinguisher under the sink.)

Anyyyhowww….back to Easter.

Since we have always had a ball with hunting games as a family, I always feel like I need to go all-out for the biggest hunt of the year!

Call me a big kid, but even I get excited when I start thinking about Easter Egg Hunt Ideas!

With the big day approaching, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ideas for planning your Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas & Planning Tips

1. Plan Your Treats

First things first – you have to decide what kind of treats you will be using.

We love to use SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies Treat Size Pouches and SweeTARTS Egg Fillers for our Easter Egg Hunts!

They are the perfect affordable treats to stuff Easter eggs of all sizes. You can find them at retailers nationwide.

We love the bunny-shaped limited edition SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies. They are perfect for those who want a tongue-twisting pucker that is free of artificial flavors and colors. They are now offered in snackable treat sized pouches that are just perfect for Easter egg hunts!

Since we tend to do our hunts large-scale, I love to stock up on SweeTARTS Egg Fillers. They are a whopping 52 ounces and have 190 pieces of your favorite original, chew and extreme sour chewy SweeTARTS. They are the ideal treat to fill your Easter Eggs.

2. Consider the Age of The Children

In our house, we have a big age gap between the boys and Skye. Skye has the capacity to hunt forever but wants for things to be easy for her to find.

The boys, on the other hand, prefer for their Easter hunts to be shorter, but they are looking for a bit more of a challenge. More difficult hiding places, and even have eggs appear in a hiding place where they have already found some can liven things up for them.

If you are like us and have different age groups hunting, try color–coding the eggs. In our house, Skye gets the pink, purple and yellow eggs while the boys get blue, green and orange.

3. Decide on The Format for Your Easter Egg Hunt

This is the traditional format that most of us grew up doing! You hide the eggs filled with candy and the kids go on a hunt. This is my favorite type of Easter Egg hunt because it is so simple to set up and kids love it.

This is where you have a prepared basket for them, and instead of hiding the goodies you provide clues along the way. Each clue leads them closer to finding their basket.

The prepared basket would, of course, include SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies Treat Size Pouches and SweeTARTS Egg Fillers, and could also include stuffed animals and small toys.

I have found that while this type of Easter egg hunt is fun for older children, younger children do much better with the instant gratification of the Fill the Basket-style hunt.

If this type of hunt is right for your family, here are some ideas of what you could use for clues:

Word Scrambles


What are your favorite ways to use SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies Treat Size Pouches and SweeTARTS Egg Fillers in your Easter Egg Hunts?  Share your Easter Egg Hunt Ideas in the comments below!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SweeTARTS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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