Kale & Quinoa Stir-fry | Healthy Lunch Ideas

This healthy kale & quinoa stir fry is perfect for any meal of the day and is packed full of protein, fibre and healthy fats! INGREDIENTS Makes 2-4 servings …

34 thoughts on “Kale & Quinoa Stir-fry | Healthy Lunch Ideas

  1. In reply to the egg comment, eggs in moderation can not hurt anyone in the long run, depending on their health history and family history. If someone has a family history of high cholesterol and or cardiovascular disease then that person should avoid the yolk of the egg, but that doesn't stop the from each the egg whites which contains protein. No more than 2 eggs per serving and it doesn't have to be eaten everyday either.

  2. Thanks!!!!! This is a great new breakfast idea for me, kale is great, but I would also substitute the kale for spinach from time to time. I also don't mind buying dried beans and boiling it takes roughly about 2 hours on the stove top and can be store in the freezer for future use ( f.y.i you will need to boil it in a large pot of water, soaking the dried beans over night will also decrease the cooking time, you can also pressure cook it as well). It tastes better, its healthier and has less preservatives and sodium among other things.

  3. +HealthNutNutrition this was DELICIOUS! I made this dish today after watching your video. My variations were: Red Quinoa cooked with Turmeric and cumin, chick peas (b/c we were were out of black beans — "say what??!!" lol) and baby spinach. Great flavour, lovely texture and appealing to the eyes too. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe!

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