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Are Essential Oils Safe For Children?

Should you or should you not use essential oils on your children? That is the question! Find out all the facts here about using essential oils on children.

As a new mom 12 years ago, I wish I had known then what I know now about essential oils. I used to turn to store-bought methods of helping my children feel better: cough syrup, Children’s Gravol, Bendryl, etc.

But over the past year, I have learned that essential oils are such a safe and natural way to support our children’s health. Since using essential oils in our home, I have never felt more empowered with supporting the health of my family naturally.

There is a lot if confusing information out there when it comes to using essential oils on our children. Some people say to always use them, some people say to never use them. So what’s the right answer?

It is true that caution is required due to the potency of essential oils, however, it doesn’t need to be complicated and is often intuitive, but most of all its a safe and natural way to support your family’s health.

Essential Oil Guidelines for Children

Here are some guidelines that I use to ensure the safe use of essential oils with my children:

  • Always use pure certified therapeutic grade essential oils. I personally choose doTERRA.
  • Young children should NOT ingest essential oils.
  • Always dilute essential oils for children when applying topically (see chart below.)
  • Do not apply oils near eyes or in ears.
  • Watch for any skin reactions and apply one oil at a time.
  • Always supervise children around essential oils.

The carrier oil used can be coconut, almond, or jojoba.

Ways I Use Essential Oils With My Children

Immune Health

As soon as cold and flu season starts, I pull out the “protective blend” to try and protect us from getting sick. I apply some diluted protective blend onto the soles of my children’s feet each morning and night. Once they put some socks on overtop, this helps support them to stay healthy and protect their immune system. I will often diffuse this blend in their rooms during the cold/flu season as well.

If they have a tummy ache or upset stomach, I’ll rub some diluted “digestive blend” on their tummies. This stuff works wonders!

Skin Health

Being a mom to three boys, it’s not uncommon for them to complain of cuts, scrapes, bruises or bug bites. Lavender is my go to for skin irritations. It’s also great for calming a rash and sunburn. (See my post here about my essential oil first aid kit.)

Respiratory Health

The moment my boys get a cough, I rub some diluted “respiratory blend” on their chest and bottoms of their feet. I’ll also put it in their humidifiers at night so they can breathe easier.

Brain Health

I use the diluted “focus blend” before my boys go to school. I rub some on the back of their necks. I’ve even noticed changes in my middle son’s focus at school for the better!

Sleep Health

Sometimes it’s hard to calm our children down before bed. My boys love to play right before bed, and it gets them all worked up. There are a couple of essential oil blends I like to use; one is called “Serenity” which doTERRA’s calming blend and the other is “Peace,” doTERRA’s reassuring blend.

I’ll rub the diluted version of Peace along their spine to help them calm down, or I’ll add some Serenity to their diffusers about 30 minutes before bed.

Emotional Health

I am always diffusing a range of essential oils throughout the day in our household to support our emotions. I usually start the day with some uplifting and motivating citrus oils or peppermint. Towards the end of the day, I’ll swap to lavender, sandalwood and other grounding blends. During times when the kids are having difficulty with their emotions, I often use the “grounding blend” or “reassuring blend” which is amazing for temper tantrums, or supporting the emotions of children (and adults).

Common Essential Oils For Children

Here are some of the most common essential oils I use on my children:

Most Commonly Used Essential Oils for Children

I truly can’t imagine a life without essential oils in our home. I use them on a daily basis and love that I can use these natural alternatives for myself and my children.

A great way for your children to enjoy essential oils is to wear them on a piece of aromatherapy jewelry! I’ve got some great kid’s designs:

To see more of my designs, just CLICK HERE!

For further information about the oils I use and how to order, please go HERE.

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