Healthy Recipes

Cauliflower Shawarma Pita

Cauliflower has had a major comeback lately. It wasn’t so long ago that it was the lonely last survivor on a party veggie tray, but these days it’s positively sexy. We started roasting cauliflower back when we started this website 7 years ago, and went crazy over the stuff. Roasting makes it tender and almost sweet, […]

Diet Recipes

Moroccan Chermoula Carrots

These Moroccan Chermoula Carrots are made with perfectly cooked tender carrots that are tossed in a flavorful and easy chermoula sauce! They are a delicious and easy carrot side dish recipe to accompany any meal. We made this dish in our cooking class in Morocco and fell in love with this carrot salad/side dish! This […]

Healthy Recipes


STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Our list is fairly short. We revisited places a few times and we struck out a few times but hopefully this is helpful. We poached most of these from David and Luise who live there. Stockholm is made of 14 islands, we spent a couple days in Norrmalm and the rest in Södermalm. […]

Quinoa Recipes

32 Amazing Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

A collection of 32 healthy and delicious vegan super bowl recipes! From dips, wings, spreads, potatoes and more, there’s definitely something for everyone! We’re coming up on Super Bowl Sunday and I felt like it was about time to share another roundup! I haven’t done one of these in forever, so today I’m rounding up […]