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The Fit That Will Never Be Forgotten

Everyone was staring at me.

I hate being the center of attention under even the best of circumstances, which this most certainly was not.

My usually even-keeled toddler was in the middle of the floor screaming.

And then he started spelling.


I do N-O-T want to go back to the C-O-N-D-O and take a N-A-P.”

More screaming, kicking and flailing ensued.

At least twenty complete strangers were staring at me with a look that said: “What kind of Mom are you that your kindergartener is on the floor having a fit?”

Only he wasn’t five; he was a tall and overtired two-year-old who had picked up spelling from a TV show his older brother loved.

Toddler boys sharing a popscicle

Knowing that sans the spelling it was perfectly normal, albeit undesirable, behavior of a two-year-old should have made glares easier to take.

But I wanted to disappear Ant-Man style.

I might have been on the other end of that look once or twice in my pre-child days. Oh, what I didn’t know then.

It is easy to be judgmental when you aren’t the one with a screaming child in the middle of a busy store.

These days, the fits in our family are courtesy of this girl.
Happy Preschool Girl

And oh, is it a struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, Skye is a happy girl and a lot of fun.

She loves to go and is always up for an adventure.

Photo of Preschool Girl on a bungee trampoline

Mercifully, we are past the point where the fits render her prone in a public place.

(But yes, she has done this more than once in places far more embarrassing than a deserted beach.)
Toddler girl face down in the sand

Skye has so much passion for life and is so emotional and sometimes those emotions get the best of her.

She is not a good eater at any time but is particularly bad about eating away from home.

I pack snacks when we go out, but sometimes those get snubbed too.

No Food + Busy Day = Cranky Preschooler

Cranky Preschooler + Massive Grocery List = Mega Meltdown

The last time this happened, I knew that I should just go home.

But there was that little thing about two growing boys and a hubby at home who actually would prefer that there be food in the fridge and pantry.

These days, I have a better solution.

One that doesn’t involve me avoiding eye contact as I dodge judgmental glares.

We are skipping the store altogether and instead using Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.
Photo of Walmart Grocery Pickup

It is so easy to order online!

Best of all, everything is ready and waiting when I get there. Skye is content to play on my phone in the back seat, while I help the personal shopper get everything in the car.
Sign at Walmart Grocery Pick-up
It is the best solution that I have found to save me the time and frustration of grocery shopping with a tired and cranky child.


And lets me focus more on what is important – creating more quality time together.

Photo of preschool girl in a tutu

Savings Alert

Right now, you can use the code WOWFRESH for $10 off your first order for Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup.


It just may save you from dealing with an epic fit.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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