Quinoa Mung Daal Recipe

You may or may not have heard about this amazing seed, native to Peru, called quinoa (pronounced – keenwa). Though most people confuse it for a grain, this …

34 thoughts on “Quinoa Mung Daal Recipe

  1. Thanks so much for all the recipes!!! I tried making this yesterday and it's so good!! I haven't fail making any of your recipes by far. I'm not the greatest cook and I've been wanting to be able to Indian food and every time I try a recipe It doesn't always turn out the way it should. Yay! To all your videos!!
    I want to be able to teach my future kids how to cook Indian food and know their culture since we are Chinese/Indian mix culture

    -Kelly Patel

  2. Hi  Hetal.
    Just want to ask you. What is Quinoa and where do you buy.Please let me know I love to make your Quinoa Mung Dall Recipe.You both are very good with you Recipe.I Love it and I see it every day.Make it when I have some one at my house.

  3. I will try this for sure. I'd like to make a suggestion if I may. Could the producer use subtitles? The lovely Indian woman have fine English but I am missing some words that are part of the recipe. 

  4. Awesome — what do you think about soaking the seeds ahead of time? I've heard that they're more nutritious once toward the sprouting stage. (Your recipes are PERFECT!)

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