Kids Cooking Healthy – Quinoa Crunch Bars

Healthy kid chefs Thea and Tula entertain as they guide viewers through the steps to make one of their favorite desert treats – quinoa crunch bars. Gluten free …

5 thoughts on “Kids Cooking Healthy – Quinoa Crunch Bars

  1. This is so boring and so lame i can't even watch it. FoOdie Kids are better and brianna  and Brittney are so cute.I'm just saying  that they are better than you little kids.I'm not trying to be mean but they are actually better so yea.

  2. These kids are great! I love that one is more serious and the other has more of the leprechaun demeanor. It just goes to show how nature is a big influence on personality.

    When I found this on our TV through the Wii, I was hoping to find many more videos. I'm disappointed there are only two. You should do some more, "Dad". Tula and Thea are very entertaining.

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