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Gift Guide for Preschoolers (and Early Grade School)

Looking for a little holiday gift inspiration?  Check out my Gift Guide for Preschoolers.

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is planning the gifts that I’m getting everyone.

And there is no one I enjoy giving to more than my kids!

Skye is at such a cute age (4 1/2), and I had so much fun planning her gifts this year.

If you have got a little one in the three to five age set, here are my top picks for preschoolers!

Photo of art table

Art Table

Make a special place of their own for your little one to get creative.  This Artist Studio Art Table is  made of wood and has 2 benches, a hanging paper roll with a paper cutter, canvas storage bin and 3 removable storage cups.

Photo of Space Mobile for Preschoolers

Discover Ready Set Space Learning Kit

Help your child learn about space with 13 different craft activities!  They can make a solar system mobile, Comet, Moon phase spinner, constellations, sundial, rocket, astronaut, and orbit game.


Photo of Handyman Go-To Caddy Kids Playset

Wooden Tool Box Set

This 72-piece box builder set is made of high-quality wood and has an interactive build-on box. It comes with a vice, wrench, screwdriver and plenty of screws to build simple designs.

Photo of Play Dough Kitchen


Play-Dough Kitchen

Let your mini-chefs creativity run wild with this Play-Dough Kitchen Creations Magical Oven. It allows them to make pretend muffins, pizzas, and cakes and then “bake” them in the oven, which dings when done “baking”.

Photo of Leap Reader System

LeapReader System with 10 Books

Learning to read is such fun for little ones!  I love how the LeapReader helps them build confidence by sounding out letters and words in interactive stories and activities.

Personalized Piggy Bank

Gift your little one something she will enjoy for years to come!  This Personalized Piggy Bank is so cute and a great way to encourage saving. Use code WENDYPOLISI15 for 15% off.

Photo of Magformers

Magformers Magnetic Building Set

Their imagination can run while with this magnetic building set.  They are perfect for small fingers and have instant connectivity, keeping frustration to a minimum.

Photo of Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Magic Light Brush

Release their inner artist with this Color Wonder Magic Light Brush and Drawing Pad.  (You will love that it is mess-free.)

Photo of Deluxe Wooden Stamp Set


Wooden Stamp Set with Animals

This wooden stamp set is a fabulous way to encourage storytelling and imaginative play.  It comes with four colors of washable ink and animal stamps that they canceler in with the markers that come with it.  The kit comes with some great play suggestions.

Photo of GeoSafari

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope

Introduce your child to science with this talking microscope that provides visual detail and information about plants, animals and household items.  It comes with 60 beautiful full-color slide images.

3D Fairy Tales -TJ & The Beanstalk

These 3D augmented reality storybooks let you bring fairytales to life!  Download the app and when you reach a page with a yellow triangle, scan it to see the animations come to life.  Your child can interact with the story and become part of the exciting adventure.

Photo of Crayola Modeling Dough Pony Playland

Modeling Dough

Modeling Dough is a fun alternative to Play-Dough.  It is softer and easier to work with, so it is perfect for creative little ones.

Photo of Lego Snow White


Lego Junior

Boys and girls alike love building with Legos! The Lego Junior sets are just perfect for this age set. My boys both loved legos from a young age and wanted to move on from Duplos before their building skill was ready. I remember many a Christmas spending hours building for them. Lego Junior bridges the gap with sets that they can enjoy building themselves.

Photo of Magic Sceen Creater

Magic Scene Creator

The Magic Scene Creator lets your little artist turn still pictures into animations.  They can use any of the 70 Motion Cards that are included, or make their own drawings and animate them.

Photo of Ocean Pets

Ocean Pets

Ocean Pets allows your child to create a virtual aquarium with mess-free food-safe putty and magical augmented reality. The app will enable them to scan their creations and see them come to life. It teaches responsibility and caretaking. As your child takes care of their pet, more game features will be unlocked.


Photo of Princess Fort

Princess Fort

Every Princess (or Prince) needs a private place to get away! This Princess fort is the perfect (surprisingly affordable) solution. For a boy, there are cute rocket ship options.

Photo of Stained Glass Stickers

Stained Glass Activity Set

Let your little one create luminous art with these peel and press stickers!  Feel the grooved frame with stickers and then hang it in a sunny window.  Recommended for 5+.  Skye is almost 5, but I imagine I will have to help her with this.  It will be great to help develop her fine motor skills.

Photo of a Rock Painting Kit


Rock Painting Set

Take your little on on a nature walk and then let them turn their findings into art with this Rock Painting Set.  It is a great way for them to make gifts for family too!

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