Quinoa Recipes

No-Noodle Sweet Potato Sage Lasagna

I’m so excited about this recipe because, who doesn’t love lasagna in the middle (err… beginning) of winter! Growing up, lasagna was my favorite food. Even though my mom made it pretty darn often, I was always excited when lasagna night came around. But this version of lasagna is no ordinary lasagna because instead of […]

Quinoa Recipes

Asian Salad Dressing

This homemade Asian Salad Dressing Recipe is easy to make and healthy!  With rice vinegar and ginger, this no sugar recipe is a simple dressing that packs a lot of flavor. I always have mixed feelings as we head into the New Year. On the one hand, I’m sad that the holidays are almost over. […]

Healthy Recipes


Entrée, Soup, Winter, Fall, Gluten Free Sara Forte · December 13, 2017 I’m currently on my third double chocolate cookie despite having all sorts of  recipe testing leftovers in the fridge I could cobble into a more nutritious lunch. Can cookies be lunch? I could swipe almond butter on top for protein. Why didn’t I […]