How to make Quinoa Pancakes – Easy Breakfast Recipe! With Roz Purcell xox

Fancy Pancakes for Breakfast? Here is our favourite quinoa pancake recipe that we did with the lovely Roz Purcell. Not just a breakfast recipe though – a healthy …

28 thoughts on “How to make Quinoa Pancakes – Easy Breakfast Recipe! With Roz Purcell xox

  1. looks delicious 🙂 by any chance can you share your two secrets which I cant get from the video
    1. the proportions for flax-seeds quinoa milk vanilla banana salt honey
    2. the tasty looking filling you are using min 3:29 🙂

    MANY MANY THANKS not only for this but for all the other things you are doing!!! AMAZING

  2. Guys, what are your best broad bean recipes? Very rare here but it's super nutritious! I've just been adding it as a protein source to whatever I'm having. Would be fun to do something more creative! 

  3. Again, I had no idea you could make pancakes with these ingredients.I know I have seen flax flour at the store. I will look for the quinoa flour.  But how, without a mortar and pestle or a blender, do you suggest to make the quinoa flour? I take bee pollen capsules, but I have yet to see it at a store in town. There is a health foods 'store' with in a grocers in the next town over. I will have to see.

  4. We certainly did enjoy them. This should make you laugh. My 3 year old loves your videos and watches them with me and then we make the latest yummy thing. Yesterday we needed to go to lidl to buy the fruit for the pancakes. On the way there he says "lidl don't have happy pear ingredients" lol

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