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Join Us! Pretty Simple Cooking Dinner Party

The first A Couple Cooks cookbook, Pretty Simple Cooking cookbook is set to release in February. In honor of the book, we wanted to find a way to invite all of you to our table. Introducing the Pretty Simple Cooking National Dinner Party, a dinner party on the same night in homes all over the country (and world). Will you join us?

What is the dinner party? The Pretty Simple Cooking Dinner Party is a national dinner party to celebrate good food and good people. In a time where we need unity and community, let’s celebrate coming together around the table!

What is the date? Saturday, February 17, 2018. It’s close to Valentine’s Day, in a month that is typically cold and dark, perfect for a party to look forward to!

What does a host do? To be a host, just cook dinner for yourself and at least one other person on that night (and use a recipe from our cookbook)! You can eat dinner with your immediate family in your pajamas, or dress up, light some candles, and invite a few friends! Our goal is to make it fit into your lifestyle: it’s nothing more than eating delicious food with people you enjoy. If you’re a party host, you’ll be entered to win a few special giveaways that evening and have exclusive access to chatting with us and other party hosts about planning your night. Alex and I plan to make live appearances that evening on social media so we can say hi to all of you joining us around the table!

How many parties are currently signed up? We have nearly 100 dinner party hosts in 38 states in America; see the map below! If you’re interested in hosting internationally, let us know. Our goal is 500 dinner parties, with at least one in each of the 50 states! 

Can I participate if I’m outside the US? Yes! We have a handful of Canadian hosts already. If you’d like to host internationally, let us know!

How can I sign up to be a host? Email [email protected] and say you’re interested in being a dinner party host.

Thank you to our first 90 party hosts! We want to especially thank you and are so excited to have you on board. Thank you to:

Erin A, Mahdis A, Rob B, Angelina B, Angela B, Tiffany B, Amanda B, Tara B, Lauren B, Jordan B, Kaley B, Genevieve C, Heidi C, Ally D, Sofia D, Elizabeth D, Vicki D, Heather E, Rachel E, Kay E, Sara E, Diana F, Kelledy F, Nicole G, Samantha G, Mia G, Alejandra G, Kristin G, Katie H, Iccius H, Raquel H, Rachel H, Nicole H, Erika H, Christine H, Elyse H, Hillary G, Hannah J, Jen J, Janet K, Kelsey K, Alex K, Elizabeth K, Brittany K, Tiffany K, Molly K, Maria K, Shannon K, Laura L, Whitney L, Cassie M, Rochelle M, Janet M, Kathryn M, Amanda M, Kelly M, Jan M, Christina M, Abbie M, Erin M, Shannon M, Renee N, Katherine N, Andy O, Tiffany O, Stephanie O, Dina O, Dalia P, Lia P, Erica P, Jane P, Emily P, Erin R, Colleen R, Emilie R, Samantha R, Amy S, Aysegul S, Laury S, Emily S, Connie S, Holly T, Paige T, Shannon V, Meg V, Salem W, Emilyn W, Caroline W,and Hallie Y,

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