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Last July, I got to spend an evening capturing a summer dinner with Olaiya Land, the creative woman behind Milly’s Kitchen and leader of those dreamy culinary tours in Paris and Portugal. She partnered with her friend Kevin to create a gorgeous under-the-stars dinner in her summer-perfect backyard. It was all kinds of slow summer delight. I interviewed her for my Women’s Work Project; you can find the full interview here.

August may be over, but we still have tomatoes at least through September, if not longer. Consider this a postcard to this most fleeting of seasons.

Olaiya’s most recent post resonates: “Around this time of year, I usually get a bad case of end-of-summer FOMO. As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, I feel an overwhelming urge to cram in as many summer-only activities as I can manage. A picnic at the shore. A trip to the fair. Just a few more melty popsicles. More camping. More swims. More pie. But this year, something’s different.” 

I’ve got a serious case of end-of-summer FOMO. I felt like my summer was too busy in all the wrong ways. But then I browsed through the photos on my phone and realized that I did all of the summer things that I had most wanted to do. Which reminded me of the importance of sitting down and reflecting on those things, so that I can savor them. So that’s what I’ll be doing this month. Savoring the best of my summer, and remembering that I packed in so much: camping, picnics, long evening walks, big sweaty hikes, lots of popsicles, meals outside, and all of the summer fruits and veggies. I even plunged into at least 5 different bodies of cold water. Tell me about your favorite summer moments, friends. Let’s savor them.


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