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Sagi Kalev’s Hard Labor Workout

Are you ready for something new from the creator of Body Beast? Get all the details HERE about A Week of Hard Labor!

I am super stoked for a NEW workout from the Beast himself, Sagi Kalev!

Beachbody is at it again, releasing a brand new workout for Beachbody on Demand susbcribers! I loved doing Shaun T week just a short time ago. My customers and I had a great time doing the new workouts as they were released on demand. In fact, I still use them in my workout rotation today.

I’ve completed Body Beast many times. It’s a great program to build muscle and become lean. I did NOT bulk up on this program! Ladies, do NOT be afraid of lifting heavy weights!! You can’t bulk up from lifting heavy, I promise you! I felt very toned and strong after completing Body Beast for the first time.

What Are The Workouts?

A Week of Hard Labor will be similar to Shaun T week in that Sagi will release a brand new workout each day for 5 days on Beachbody on Demand.

Each day, a new muscle group will be targeted.

DAY 1: Chest & Back
DAY 2: Legs
DAY 3: Core
DAY 4: Shoulders & Arms
DAY 5: Total Body

Each workout has a modifier if you are having difficulty with any of the moves.

This program is going to be perfect for anyone who has done Body Beast, for those who love lifting heavy weights, and those who dislike cardio! 😉

The workouts are 25 – 45 minutes long.

When you’ve crushed your first round of A WEEK OF HARD LABOR you’ll be glad it’s over, but Sagi knows you’ll be back for more. These five routines can be used for a lifetime — do them over and over again, or add them à la carte to your workout regimen to target whichever goal you’re focusing on that day.

When Does The Program Start?

These brand new workouts will go live on Beachbody on Demand starting September 5th. Each morning, a new workout will be released.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll need a few sets of dumbbells, a bench or stability ball, a pull-up bar or door attachment kit, and a resistance band.

How Do I Sign Up?

Would you like to participate in my private A Week of Hard Labor Facebook group?

We’ll do the workouts together and I’ll provide you with all the support and motivation you need to complete the 5 days!

Please fill out this form and I’ll email you within 24 hours.


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