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How to Get Your Kids Eating Veggies (Even If They Absolutely Refuse)




What had once been my favorite time of day had turned into something that I dreaded.

It was dinner time, and once again we were having food fights.

Not the kind from grade school that landed the offenders in the principal’s office.

I think I would have preferred that.
Picture of Garden Lites Veggie Muffins

Messy, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

No, I was deep in the trenches of battle of an entirely different kind of war.

The struggle to get my kids to eat vegetables.

It was three against one, and I was losing ground quickly.

You would think as a healthish food and lifestyle blogger that I would have had this all figured out after twelve years.

But here is the reality.

Alex will only eat orange vegetables. Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and occasionally Butternut Squash. As a general rule, the kid doesn’t even like french fries. (Although he will eat a baked potato.)How to Get Your Kids Eating Veggies (Even If They Absolutely Refuse)

Christian will only eat spinach and then only straight from my Dad’s garden. I mean that quite literally. Wash the spinach and bring it into my parent’s house and he won’t touch it. (Washing it off outside is permitted.) He does love white potatoes, which doesn’t exactly qualify as “eating your veggies” in my book.

And don’t even get me started on Skye. Most days I’m just happy if I can get her to eat SOMETHING.

I know all Mom’s lose sleep stressing over their kids, but this was getting out of control. I was stressed, frustrated and almost willing to give up on the topic altogether.

I’d tried taking away electronics and early bedtimes.
Blueberry Garden Lites Veggie Muffin
I am not proud of this, but I’d even tried bribing Skye.

Nothing was making dinner time any more peaceful.

I needed help, and I found it in the most unlikely of places.

Muffins for the Win!How to Get Your Kids Eating Veggies (Even If They Absolutely Refuse)

No, I’m not spending hours in the kitchen secretly hiding veggies into baked goods. (You guys know that baking isn’t really my jam. Plus, in case you missed the part earlier, I have three kids. I don’t have that kind of time.)

Instead, I’m heading to the freezer section of the grocery store (or Target) and stocking up on Garden Lites muffins.

Guys, these muffins are seriously delicious. As in, buy enough for Mom, too, delicious.
Picture of Garden Lites muffins, which have vegetables as their first ingredient.

Look how many veggies are in the chocolate muffins. (Which, by the way, are good enough to satisfy the most urgent of chocolate cravings.)

How to Get Your Kids Eating Veggies (Even If They Absolutely Refuse)

Garden Lites has a full range of products, and in all of them, veggies are the first and primary ingredient.

The muffins have just 120 calories and are gluten free, dairy free, tree nut free and non-GMO. They also have the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved seal.

With flavors like Chocolate, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry there is truly something for everyone.

If you want to start winning the battle over veggies and do it in a way that will have your kids asking for more, I can’t say enough about Garden Lites muffin.

What are your best tips to get your kids to eat more veggies?

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