Healthy Quinoa CHICKEN Parmesan Recipe (Low Fat)

Without a doubt my favorite chicken Parmesan recipe ever! This healthy quinoa chicken Parmesan recipe will not only satisfy your chicken Parmesan craving but …

27 thoughts on “Healthy Quinoa CHICKEN Parmesan Recipe (Low Fat)

  1. There are a few tips for fat reduction at home
    Ensure you consume enough water – I suggest 8 cups each day.
    Set a limit of chips Sweets sugary drinks you have each day.
    minimize snacks or have fruit or vegatables.
    Keep a record what you eat and check it to see how you can cut down.
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Lakan food tactic website )

  2. I like this old presentation way better. Also the recipes are much more useful in my option. Lately the new recipes are just all keto and low carb cookies etc. I feel like your foods like quinoa, chicken, etc are much more useful.

  3. Thanks for the recipe and cooking instructions. I am a cheese lover and also a gym goer, i am delighted to find this vid.

    May i kindly ask whats the nutrition values such as calories , fat etc for this dish?

  4. New to the channel but already loving it. I do a lot of prep meals and get tired of bland chicken. You have great enthusiasm, good info and you don't ramble on. Going to try this recipe tonight. Thanks keep it up!

  5. I have tried a few of your recipes and can't wait to try this one. I'm always looking for healthy recipes since I workout. I think this would be great to eat after a long leg workout. Thanks for all the recipes.

  6. I'm thrilled to see a good recipe that is hearty and includes quinoa. I've just started using quinoa in my artisan breads. Won't the Farmer's Market be lucky this spring? 🙂

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