Homemade Healthy Quinoa Energy Bar Recipe – Live Lean TV

Here’s one of my favorite snack recipes: homemade healthy quinoa energy bars. Find the full recipe at: …

34 thoughts on “Homemade Healthy Quinoa Energy Bar Recipe – Live Lean TV

  1. I have noticed that in some of your recent video's and comments, that you say, you no longer eat grains (oats & quinoa are grains… yes?) I would love for you to do an update video on your reasons why… as grains like rolled oats and quinoa r on you top foods videos. Thanks 🙂

  2. Ok, I know this is an older video, but these sounded so good, I made them w/ a few of my own tweeks! They are fantastic!! I substituted the 1/2c Agave w/ 1/4c pure maple syrup & 1/4c natural Honey & added some stevia. I also used some golden raisins, cranberries & pecans (instead of apricots & sunflower seeds). I'm wondering since this is baked, if you could ad some egg whites and/or a whole egg & some whites to increase protein? Thanks for your terrific recipes!! Love them!!

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  4. Agave isn't bad. Honey isn't bad. TOO MUCH of any sugar is bad for people with "sugar" sensitivities(diabetes and such), but for most people there is no such thing as "bad" carbs. There is only "too many" carbs.

  5. Thx Brad, I'm new to your channel and Love it!! I've seen most of your vids but haven't seen protein powder food wars yet, do you have 1? planning on doing 1? I currently use soy protein powder & just noticed you're not a fan of soy, the reason I use it it's No dairy/lactose (issues :)), any suggestoins on whey protein powder that is milk/dairy/lactose free? Thx.

  6. Hi Brad, great recipe!! Im an amateur boxer & run a lot as well, I dink Gatorade, I usually eat 1/2 a power bar for energy before boxing, is this bar a good replacement of the power bar?

  7. These look absolutely delicious. I get up in the mornings every other day and run about six miles, sometimes I'll also do some pilates and tae kwon do that same day or the days in between my runs. Usually before my run in the mornings I'll have a banana, a cup of hot green tea (with no sweeteners) and one of those highly processed protein bars. Do you think this recipe will give me the energy I need to run my miles?

  8. This sounds so good! the bounce natural energy ball spirulina & ginseng is super yummy all 100% natural which you can buy from a health store and also suitable for vegans 🙂

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