Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Healthy Recipe

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46 thoughts on “Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Healthy Recipe

  1. I just made this a little while ago and it is amazing even though I forgot to put the milk in it and I did not have Laughing Cow so I used drained cottage cheese that had been mashed it came out delicious I'm already planning to make another one tomorrow just cooked beet greens and fresh beets and I believe those are going to be my vegetables for the next one I'm a big salad eater and I can see this being a wonderful wonderful side accompaniment for a big dinner salad thanks ever so much for such a delicious recipe and wonderful new ideas

  2. I am an internet troll.  I exist simply to get people worked up and angry.  I have nothing trollish to say about this lovely young lady.  I hope she lives happily ever after.

  3. I just made this and it is delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

    If you use regular milk I would recommend cutting the quantity to 3/4 cup, and increasing the cook time about 10-15 minutes in the second part, but watch it! Also, make sure that you cut the kale leaves into smaller pieces before you saute them or else when you are cutting it into pies a longer piece of kale will pull apart the adjacent pie pieces when you try to cut and grab a slice. Not a big deal, but it will help if you are really into presentation and you don't want your pies to fall apart! I made mine with mushrooms that I sauteed with the kale and it is delicious! Don't be afraid to add the cayenne, it helps balance out the sweetness of the caramelized onions! Don't overfill your pie pan unless you like cleaning the bottom of your oven!

    Thanks again Sarah for the recipe, I was looking for a new way to prepare kale, and had some left over quinoa from a previous dish I needed to use, so this was perfect!

  4. It's look very delicious, could you please tell me how many inches of your pan please? because I have 10 inches and I'm not sure that should I put more ingredients in your recipe or not. Thank you.

  5. Just an fyi. if a yolk falls in the bowl but doesnt break u can get it out by taking an empty water bottle, squeeze it slightly, put it on the yolk and unsqueeze. It will suck the yolk out

  6. you know what's also an arm workout? winkwink yeah that was terrible, but I couldn't resist. Looks great though, will deff give it a go SOON! 🙂

  7. Thank You for this Sarah! I was impressed by the ease of your instruction. Living with a Chicano man who loves Chorizo – I made a Hippie- Chicano mixture and made this more of a lunch/dinner dish. I only had 2 eggs so I researched binders and came up with Chia seed. Added Quinoa throughout, Spinach, Broccoli, scallions, cheese, garlic, pepperonis and chili sauce in drops on top! Sooo great for the meat eaters who love a bit of spice to their lives. 

  8. In a huge glass baking pan for my family (7 people), I add 1 cup wheat flour (1/2 a cup for every 6 eggs), 12 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1 large diced raw onion, 1 large diced red pepper, half or a whole cooked & forked spahgetti squash (about 3 cups), 16 oz of freshly shredded cheese,1 package of defrosted bird's eye frozen spinach, & Salt & pepper to taste.

    It makes the fluffiest eggs ever, with a nice golden brown skin on top. Not crusty at all.


  9. In trying to eat right I've had trouble keeping the constant portions of vegetables fresh without sacrificing room in my fridge. I decided to design a product on Quirky in hopes they will make it so I can eliminate the messy plastic/foil/tupperware system that seems to be the only current options. I don't mean to spam- just an avid veggie eater with a problem to solve! Check out my idea on and if you like the design please vote for it and share!

  10. a good egg yolk trick is to put all the eggs into a bowl then get a plastic bottle.. and it hold it over your egg yolk.then squeeze the bottle. it will suck it right up and it won't break:)

  11. Mentioned on Twitter but made this recipe on New Years Day for friends. It was DELISH! Everyone loved it so much. I'm going to make again in the future and add some zucchini 🙂 Thanks Sarah!

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