AUTUMN HARVEST QUINOA BOWLS | vegan meal prep recipe

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25 thoughts on “AUTUMN HARVEST QUINOA BOWLS | vegan meal prep recipe

  1. For the dressing, if I do not have mustard but have ground mustard seed, could I replace that for the mustard and add less water so it still a thicker consistency? Or would the taste/consistency still be off do you think?

  2. As a college student this was a perfect recipe I could customize so thank you for that! I didn't have any tahini, rosemary, paprika, kale, or butternut squash so I replaced it with sweet potatoes, red pepper flakes, spinach, and parsley! Still made for a wonderful dish!!

  3. Ooh this looks yummy! I'm trying to make the peanut butter and Nutella in a few days I'm excited! It's cold here now in the uk could you please do some slow cooker recipes? Stew maybe? Please? Xx

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