How to Make Rainbow Quinoa Salad Recipe | Hilah Cooking

Make Quinoa salad recipe with fresh vegetables, basil, olive oil and orange juice. This quinoa salad recipe is a perfect main dish salad. Add grilled chicken or …

35 thoughts on “How to Make Rainbow Quinoa Salad Recipe | Hilah Cooking

  1. Hilah, really love your videos! Your videos are always so enjoyable and relaxing. It's truly a pleasure to have you around. Thank you for sharing this recipe and I'm sure every time I cook this recipe, there will be a little Hilah singing in my head😁

  2. To rinse, or not to rinse quinoa? I've found it depends on what brand I buy…..with some, rinsing makes a big difference. A matter of trial and error. I like red quinoa for salads..just because I think the red has a more robust flavor….love this salad. Now if the weather would warm up….

  3. You know when you think you have a handle on reality and the world you live in? Yeah. Then Hilah says "ASMR CHEWING WEIRDOS…" and I had no idea … so I did a search. I am now confused by reality. Thanks a LOT. :O I love Keen-Wah, Quinoa… I am absolutely going to try this ree-sipe. Yes, I will crunch… but no I won't "relax" to a recording of it. I really do love good quinoa… and this looks great.

  4. You are awesome Hilah! Can't wait to try this especially since I want more protein and veggies in my diet! Btw thanks for leaving out the blue and indigo. πŸ™‚

  5. I don't rinse quinoa because of bitterness. I rinse it because inevitably, if I don't, I end up with really nasty gritty dirt in there and it ruins the whole dish. 8(

  6. Love this one, Hilah! I just adore your channel. PS… I used to rinse mine as well but recently I bought my quinoa in a package vs in bulk from Whole Foods and the package actually explained that some companies put their quiona through a pre-rinse process eliminating the need for you to have to rinse it, thus making it ready-to-use. You may have been purchasing pre-rinsed brands.

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