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20 Must Try Recipes for Coffee Lovers

If you love coffee, you won’t want to miss these 20 Must Try Recipes for Coffee Lovers!

I could give up a lot of things.

I’ve given up wine, chocolate, dairy and even carbs before.

But one thing that I’ve never attempted to give up – and I doubt I ever will – is coffee.

I simply cannot imagine starting my day any other way.

I don’t drink it to excess. These days I have one cup mixed with Brain Octane Oil and Kerrygold butter, and that satisfies me.

But, oh, how I savor that cup.

My favorite times are when I wake up early while the rest of the house is asleep. I quietly make my coffee and curl up on the couch, mug in hand, and make a list to plan my day.

Most days, it is the only alone time I will get, and there is something about that time that feeds my soul.

Lately, I’ve seen so many great recipes using coffee on Pinterest, and it occurred to me that is much as I love the flavor I don’t use it often enough in cooking.

I’ve vowed to change that! Right now I’m in the process of perfecting a sugar-free version of coffee ice cream for hubby’s birthday this summer. In the meant time, here are 20 Must Try Recipes for Coffee from some of my favorite bloggers.

Recipes for CoffeeRust and Sunshine – Iced Coffee Pops

Recipes for CoffeeReady to Yumble – Chocolate Espresso Pots de Creme

Recipes for CoffeeEat Picks – Coffee Chocolate Brownies  (Use Gluten-Free cookie dough if you are gluten free.)

Recipes for CoffeeBaking Bites – Dark Chocolate Coffee Macarons

Recipes for CoffeeArts & Crackers – Coffee Coconut Shrimp

Recipes for CoffeeA Beautiful Mess – Espresso Marshmallows

Recipes for CoffeePlease Note Paper – Chocolate Coffee Rice Krispies Treats

Recipes for CoffeeA Night Owl Blog – Coffee and Donuts Bread Pudding

Recipes for CoffeeBaking Bites – Coffee Swirl Quick Bread

Recipes for CoffeeSugarfree Mom – No-bake Sugar Free Coffee Cheesecake

Recipes for CoffeeThe Gracious Wife – Coffee Toffee Muffins

Recipes for CoffeeCook Nourish Bliss – Coffee Frozen Yogurt with Mocha Ripple

Recipes for CoffeeFit Foodie Finds – Espresso Overnight Oats with Salted Date Caramel

Cookie Named Desire – Coffee Cupcakes with Mocha Buttercream Frosting

Nellie Bellie – Cafe Mocha Syrup

Petite Allergy Treats – Dairy-free Coffee Cream Bars

Wishes n Dishes – Brown Sugar Coffee Cookies

Celebrating Sweets – No Churn Coffee Toffee Fudge Swirl Ice Cream

Foodie with Family – Coffee Jelly

Bite Me More – Cinnamon Coffee Scones

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