GARLIC QUINOA …instead of garlic rice

This garlic quinoa recipe makes a terrific side dish. I use quinoa often to provide the protein in vegetarian meals, but quinoa is also a smart choice to serve with …

26 thoughts on “GARLIC QUINOA …instead of garlic rice

  1. Very nice recipe thanks Chef. 
    Do you know? I love Quinoa. If I have it left over in the fridge I keep snacking on it! That's why I tend to make a maximum of 2 portions at a time. 🙂

  2. Hi Chef Buck, I enjoy your videos so much! These are recipes I can actually do! For your garlic quinoa recipe, is there a way I can do it stove top or in a crock pot? My oven is just about out of commission. Thank you!!!

  3. Those who try this with quinoa that hasn't been pre-washed are going to get a mouth full of yuk. 🙂 Check the box, or, worst case scenario, wash it until the suds stop forming. I use a bowl and a wire whisk.

  4. How does the carbohydrate count compare with rice and potato?  I'll bet that substituting beef or chicken stock for the water would make it even better.

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