Quinoa Tabouli Salad | Clean & Delicious

Spring is in the air and outdoor meals are on my brain, so I’ve partnered with @PureLeafIcedTea to bring you this Quinoa Tabouli Salad w/ Garbanzo Beans + …

41 thoughts on “Quinoa Tabouli Salad | Clean & Delicious

  1. Hi Dani.. just subscribed to your channel.. tried three recipes so far and they were delicious! I want to try this one just one question, will it stay fresh for a few days refrigerated after adding the dressing?

  2. Looks amazing!! I will try it!

    In my opinion, I think you should change the name of the recipe . The Tabouli is originally made with tomatoes and parsley and another grain( other seasoning also)
    I know that you are inspired by a Mediterranean dish. Being Arab; for me it is more like an Arab salad (cucumber, tomato, lemon, salt and olive oil..) than it is Tabouli

  3. Those pans are gorgeous! I'm new to your channel and I love your personality and great recipes! You make everything so simple. Have you done a pan review yet? I'm in need of a new set and can't decide. Thank you!!!

  4. you can call it a salad .. or middle eastren salad .. but never call it taboleh … taboleh is made of only ment , parsly, tomatoes, onions and you can use qinwa insted of grented wheat. . adding olive oil , lemon juice, salt ..

  5. I made this and I love it so much! Not only it's healthy, it's very refreshing and tangy too from the mint and cucumber bits and the lemon and feta cheese! Totally recommend it! To be honest I'm not a fan of the quinoa taste alone but thanks to this creation, I would be looking forward to make this recipe again X

  6. I'm so sorry but this is not tabbouleh… In fact this is so far off the mark from tabbouleh, it has nothing to do w tabbouleh. No resemblance whatsoever – I strongly encourage you to update the video so that it is accurate/authentic.

  7. I love this recipe, but, there's one step missing… if you bought your quinoa from a bulk bin like I do, you have to rinse it vigorously under cold water for a couple of minutes before you start cooking… otherwise the natural toxin on the outside of the quinoa grain will make it taste like a mouthful of soap

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