Quinoa Pudding by The Fat Kid Inside

Yes You can make sweet things with quinoa too! Go on the blog for other sweet quinoa recipes. Please share and subscribe. Full post on …

22 thoughts on “Quinoa Pudding by The Fat Kid Inside

  1. I love your videos so much and how creative you are. I'm subscribing right now. Have you tried some of Quinoafy products yet, everyone at my work seems to be talking about it and they are currently my favorite ready to eat cereals(specially the granola) and would like it if you can create some delicious meals with it. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for this recipe! I hope you could also share some recipes for mixed quinoas (red and white). I bought my quinoa in S&R because it's much cheaper compared to healthy options, but the problem is the recipes are limited of using a specific color quinoa. Hope you could help us, we really enjoyed watching your vids. Keep it up!

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