3 Stand Out Quinoa Recipes You Will Love

Sarah Carey gathers together a few of her favorite Quinoa recipes like a delicous Sauteed Spinach with Quinoa and Poached Egg, a sweet and savory …

20 thoughts on “3 Stand Out Quinoa Recipes You Will Love

  1. I love serving poached eggs on a bed of quinoa. The quinoa actually tastes buttery, before the liquid gold of the egg pours over. I have never used spinach. Bonus the quinoa soaks up the egg yolk – so no wasted golden yummyness.

  2. I don't really see how the first dish is a 'stand out' quinoa dish. All it is is eggs and spinach on top. That doesn't seem very special or 'stand out' to me… Not even a bit special actually! It would need more than that to make it a 'stand out' dish imo.

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