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We started demo in our kitchen about a year and a half ago. Our house was built in the early 70’s, and while it seemed there had been some updates made at some point in the late 80’s / early 90’s, the place as a whole had been pretty stagnant for a good 20 years when we moved in. A few things that the previous owners did themselves but we knew we bought a project to make this home feel like us. Budget and time permitting, we will be fixing this place up until we likely die here with a garage full of half empty bags of mortar, partial gallons of unused paint and spare tile pieces. Can you see Hugh rolling his eyes at me through your screen? The goal was to not completely start from scratch but more to spruce up what already existed. Of course, when you’re just talking about renovation plans it all seems breezy and wonderful: “Yeah, we’ll take out this part of the wall here, update the counter tops, paint, hardware, we can do all this ourselves in like, what, a week, right?” Then you put a hole in the drywall and you discover the first glimpse of the boot leg wiring from 20 years ago. Needless to say, it became more complicated than we imagined. I threatened to move out 8 months pregnant and cried a lot and there is still drywall dust wafting about, but I am so much happier in the kitchen now – a place I am so tied to both by choice and responsibility.

I can’t define our style at all which shows you I have no business posting home stuff, but it’s some marriage of industrial, mid century, natural/neutral/clean, with a hint of bohemian. I work and live in the kitchen (Hugh has a teeny tiny office in the garage) and clutter makes me feel anxious, so we tried to keep straight lines, lots of white, and natural tones and textures to make it feel calm. It’s sort of tricky to tell in the photos but the kitchen/dining and living area are all open to each other now. While I like this in regards to entertaining and our family feeling together, you need the whole space to make some visual sense together because you can see all three spaces at one time. Does that make sense?  I feel like I am still working on this part.

Hugh’s dad is a wonderful and generous man, and a general contractor to boot, so he and Hugh did most of the work themselves, with some help for plumbing, electrical and paint. This helped make it affordable for us in the first place. The picture window above the kitchen table as well as the sink were scrounged from other homes he was working on at the time and repurposed here. I am in major debt to that man and inspired by his servant’s heart and how much he wants to help his kids. 

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