VEGAN QUINOA CURRY – super easy, 30min fat & gluten free recipe

this is the perfect recipe for you eyeballers out there – it works with any amount of ingredients! anything can be substituted (I especially like sweet potato instead …

32 thoughts on “VEGAN QUINOA CURRY – super easy, 30min fat & gluten free recipe

  1. Hey, super recipe.! I will try it.
    But maybe i will keep the water? I think part of the nutrients from the squash and the quinoa go in the water so it'd be better to keep it :)

  2. Love all if your recipes! I found a cool interview you had done with nomnom the other day, and was intrigued to read that you have IBS. I also suffer from IBS, and more recently transitioned to a vegan hclf diet c: I feel fantastic, but I have come from being underweight due to my IBS making me unable to absorb nutrients xc I haven't been able to recover to a healthier weight so far, and am wondering if I am not eating enough (I've cut back on exercise to allow my body to heal, I do yoga/Pilates and enjoy swimming or badminton maybe once a week). A typical day in food for me may look like ; 2 frozen bananas, cup of frozen berries, 10 dates, buckwheat groats, dash of low fat soy milk and a bliss ball. Lentils, spinach, tomato, spring onion green, cumin and other spices. Nabe; A variety of root vegetables simmered in miso broth, more leafy greens, rice noodles and tofu. Any advice would be so helpful! My family support me being vegan but are very skeptic of low fat high carb 

  3. SO excited to share this recipe I've been obsessed with. also, I'm incredibly happy to be regularly uploading again. I've missed this & you. thank you for all your lovely comments & continued support! PBJx

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