Quinoa Recipe/ Basic Side Dish- Quick and Easy

Ingredients : 16oz of Quinoa About 4 1/2 Cups of water 1 medium yellow onion 1 cup of scallion 1 yellow bell pepper 1 1/2 red bell pepper 1/2 bunch of fresh …

9 thoughts on “Quinoa Recipe/ Basic Side Dish- Quick and Easy

  1. Hi, new subbie here! I'm enjoying your great recipes! This one is especially great because I was about to order some Quinoa and had nada knowledge as to what to do with it, lol. So, thanks for this clip. Now, I'd like to ask if you and your wife might put together a video on transitioning/shopping/budget. While a total veggie transition is the ideal, the concern is how to best shop for people who are on a budget and what to buy or shall I say, what are the staples to always have on hand? Blessings!

  2. Your recipes inspire me! Born in Trinidad and raised on caribbean cuisine I found it a challenge to move away from rice and meats but lately I've been having quinoa in a very basic way (quinoa + water). NEVER AGAIN! LOL Thanks, you've got a new subscriber!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this recipe I just purchased some Quinoa grains for the first time and didn't have a clue how to prepare it. Now thanks to your channel I have a fabulous healthy dish to share with my family. Your channel is awesome !

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