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  1. My husband and I are trying to incorporate a few vegan or vegetarian meals into the weekly dinners. He loves beef and bean chilli so I gave this a go and it turned out wonderfully! The flavour was really good and so customisable as you said. My supermarket was out of regular quinoa so I bought flaked quinoa. When I cooked it, it turned out like porridge but once it was in the chilli is was fine and looked just like yours.

  2. Barry sorry to trouble you again mate i've looked through most of your videos now, do you think you could show us how to make crisps? my fiancee is always asking me to try and make some or if you have please direct me to the recipe

  3. I have a request ! Pretty pretty please . . . You might not know what I'm asking for but I really want a recipe for the biscuits I had in primary school , it was always served with strawberry milkshake and I miss it soo much ! Do you know the biscuits I mean ? X 

  4. Hey Barry! i just say your ad on another channel and thought i could use this! The only things i can cook are scrambled eggs and tin tomato soup….
    I absolutely love green tea and i would love it if you could make something including it like a cake or something nice? :3

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