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My 23andMe Story!

This post is sponsored by 23andMe. All opinions are my own.

I hope you had a fabulous holiday!

I don’t know about you, but as much as I enjoy the season, I always feel a little relieved when it is over. It may sound crazy, but I am excited to get back on track with healthier habits.

I’ve got a ton of great recipes for you to get the New Year started off right, but in the meantime, I wanted to share something fun with you.

You may remember that in October I shared that I was getting a DNA Test from 23andMe that was going to provide me with 65+ online reports about my genetics.

I got my results!

For something that is complex as a genetic test, it was such an easy process. I just sent off a small saliva sample to 23andMe in the collection kit they sent me. In just a few weeks I got an email letting me know that my DNA test results were ready.ancestry-composition-23andme-2016-12-29-05-24-23

I spent hours pouring over the reports. There are Ancestry Reports, Wellness Reports, Traits Reports and Carrier Reports, all packed with great information.

The two things I was initially most interested in learning about were the Ancestry Composition and Carrier Status reports.

My sister and niece have spent a tremendous about of time studying the family tree, and it was interesting to see that my DNA test confirmed what they have learned. I am 100% of European ancestry, with 99.8% being Northwestern European and .2% Broadly European. As someone who has never known for sure where she came from, I find it very comforting to know.ancestry-composition-23andme-2016-12-29-05-25-25

I was a little nervous about the Carrier Status reports. At 45 I don’t plan on having any more children, but I would hate to think of any potential health risks that I passed on to my kids. What a relief to know that of the 41 carrier status reports, there were no variants detected in any of them!

your-reports-23andme-2016-12-29-05-40-01I was surprised at some of the findings. Not because they weren’t accurate…but because they were. Who knew a simple saliva test could reveal so much?

Two notable things that freaked me out a bit were the accurate descriptions of my sleep and muscle composition.

I never thought about how my DNA could predict my Muscle Composition, but the report nailed mine. The idea is that endurance athletes tend to have more slow-twitch muscle, while sprinters have more fast-twitch muscle. The variation in fast-twitch muscle depends on a protein called alpha-actinin-3.muscle-composition-23andme-2016-12-29-05-27-23

I am very much the Sprinter/power muscle type. You guys know that I’ve been terrible about working out over the years. This is unfortunate, because as my husband likes to joke, I have “Russian Alien DNA.” What he means by this is that I can start lifting weights and within a week or two you start to see muscles in my arms. Apparently, I have my DNA to thank for this.

Another thing that was confirmed by the report is that I am NOT naturally a deep sleeper. Those that are deep sleepers (like my youngest son) have naturally stronger delta waves. My results indicated that unfortunately, this isn’t me. Sleep has always been an issue for me, which explains all the sleep related articles on the website.deep-sleep-23andme-2016-12-29-05-26-31

Enough about #My23andMeStory! I’d love to hear about yours. You can order your DNA Test Kit HERE.

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