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37 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Quinoa Recipes | FOOD BITES

  1. @blogilates can you make How to make healthy french fries. I love fries but I hate the fact that they are unhealthy and I know that you could make make them at home with sweet potatoes but I HATE sweet potatoes could you tell me of another substitute or something for it

  2. aaah I don't think I've ever seen a bell pepper THAT big 😮 Where did you find it? Its freaking huge! Look soooo good btw, I think I will try the bell pepper one really soon, first I need to get quinoa haha :)

  3. Because of this I couldn't sleep last night. I'm not kidding!! It was 11:30pm and I wasn't able to fall asleep because I was so hungry and kept thinking about quinoa XDD Gonna make that pepper thing next week :)

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