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Holiday Desserts Made Easy!

This post was sponsored by Baskin-Robbins as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I wish I could say that it is hard to believe that it is almost Christmas.

But, guys, I’m feeling it.

I woke up this morning feeling not quite sick, but not so well either.

Despite going to bed at 8:30 last night, fatigue has set in that I haven’t felt in quite some time.

This time of year is always such a blender.

I jump from Alex’s birthday on the 18th to getting ready for Christmas for three kids. And of course, as the Mom, it feels like most everything falls on me.

I do feel like the worst of it is over and I am getting ready to relax and enjoy the rest of the season. My shopping is mostly done, and I’ve decided to take it easy on my holiday menu.

I have got a trick up my sleeve for the kids that is going to make things special.

Instead of spending hours baking (which we’ve been doing for weeks), I I picked up two delicious holiday-themed desserts from Baskin-Robbins that the whole family is going to love.

One feels a bit fancy! This Ganache Poinsettia Cake is an elegant 9” round ice cream cake. Skye, who is still wound up from Alex’s birthday, is calling it a “Christmas Birthday Cake.” She keeps insisting that this time SHE gets to be the one to make a wish.
I’m pretty sure at some point I’ll be forced to put candles on this beauty so she can blow them out. Until then, I’m enjoying the simple sophistication of the poinsettia and the Winter OREO® Cookies topping. Something like this is such a treat around here, and I love that the kids are super-excited without me having had to spend four hours in the kitchen.

I also got a Peppermint & Winter OREO® Cookies Polar Pizza that is fun and casual. Perfect for our kid’s block party. It features a double fudge brownie crust with Peppermint ice cream, topped with Winter OREO® Cookie Pieces and drizzled with marshmallow and fudge topping.

Both of these delicious treats are available for pre-order both in-store and online at www.baskinrobbins.com/onlineordering. (Not all locations have online ordering. I called my local store, and they were friendly, and everything was perfect when I picked it up.)

You know what else is fun? Baskin-Robbins brought back Peppermint Bark in the Dark for its December Flavor of the Month. This delicious ice cream combines crunchy peppermint bark with chocolate ice cream all wrapped together with a peppermint candy, and white chocolate flavored ribbon. How festive is that?

I love that a quick trip to Baskin-Robbins allowed me to take my holiday gatherings to the next level and skip hours in the kitchen in the process.

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