How to cook Quinoa | The Vegan Corner

This video is on how to cook Quinoa. In this episode we’ll show you how to get soft, moist and fluffy seeds at every single attempt. If you enjoy good quality …

28 thoughts on “How to cook Quinoa | The Vegan Corner

  1. Hello, I just bought my first bag of quinoa and found your video, but I have an electric stove. Help! I want my quinoa to come out perfect like yours did. How do I do this??

  2. The last time I remembered I had quinoa was about 2 to 3 years ago, I hated the way it taste i thought it was weird. 6 months ago I went vegan and decided to try quinoa again as they so nutritious! I'm so glad I saw this tutorial because I just realised I cooked it wrong the last time!😅 Thank you Raoul and Miriam!

  3. Okay wow, i have cooked quinoa wrong…. like it has always felt tough and rubbery and i always thought i have to cook it longer and i usually cooked my quinoa like half an hour or more and stirred it often and i think with too much water… i mean it tasted okay but i always thought how the hell people get their quinoa ready in 15 minutes and it's fluffy…. saw your video and i thought fine i'll give it a go and did everything exactly like you said…i didn't believed it would work… but OMG this worked and my quinoa have never tasted this good and soft and fluffy, i was so amazed, now i'm always donna do it like this, so thank you thank you thank you, they should put this on the boxes too :D

  4. You two are amazing.  The Quinoa has just cooked perfectly, so instead of your Shepherds Pie tonight we're going to have your summer salad instead!               Cheers m'dears!

  5. Hi there! I found your channel thanks for +KevinTheVeganGuy recommendation… and let me tell you, I'm fascinated with your videos… the way you properly explain the steps through the recipe and the healthier way to achieve a vegan diet, is just amazing and easy to follow.
    Could you please recommend yummy salads and dressings?


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